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Our Process Sets Us Apart

You probably want to know what and how this process works but this is pretty simple.

In all these years, we have discovered that the human brain is likely to adapt latest trends. The Retailers are adapting new trends, new designs, new strategies to capture the attention of the audience to sell the products. We have helped over 1000s of Retailers around the world & helped them achieve 6 figures a day sales.

Now, that doesn’t only depend on the design but Marketing Gurus. However, we have got you covered in every design and development aspects. You probably want to know what and how this process works but this is pretty simple:

Super Smooth and Streamlined!


We Schedule a meeting with the client and see if we’re a good fit. Client explains the projects and requirements. Our Communication and Project Management Experts directly talks with the client and make sure that they have understood the needs and product. Then we work on Teamwork, Asana, Trello and Other Project Management Tools to handle communications with the team and client. When a client assign us the task then we assign it to our TeamLead and make sure that all requested details are covered and Quality is not compromised.

Now saying that we deliver Quality isn’t enough. We put a tremendous amount of time in researching and understanding your product. We analyse that which of your competitors are doing good and what are the points where your website is lacking. Then, we put together some wireframes considering the human brain’s methodology. We put some special efforts in Case Studies as those really matter when you’re up to sell your Awesome Product.


Our system is designed to make communication between you and YODO easy and hassle-free. You’ll always know the status of your project, and we will work as partners in the process. Great communication is what makes this possible, and we make sure to use the best technology available to assist in the communication process. We prefer Slack, Skype or any modern IM that helps our communication to stand-out.


Our primary goal is to ensure your business success and your overall satisfaction. We do this by combining our high level of creative design, years of marketing experience, and a commitment to always deliver a site that you’ll not only be proud to show off, but will actually propel your business forward in meaningful ways.

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